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How much does a fake De La Salle University degree cost?

De La Salle University degree
Buy a fake De La Salle University diploma. How long to get a fake De La Salle University degree in the Philippines? Ordre a fake De La Salle University diploma certificate? The De La Salle University System consists of De La Salle University Manila Campus, De La Salle Professional Schools Inc., De La Salle Saint Benilde College, De La Salle Dasmarinas Campus, De La Salle Health Sciences Campus, De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, De La Salle Araneta University and De La Salle Canlubang The composition of the campus.
De La Salle University has undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs, such as Doctor of Biology, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Science Education, Doctor of Letters, Master of Factory Engineering and Management, Master of Arts in Creative Writing, Master of Engineering Education, Master of Industrial Engineering, Accounting Master of Science, Master of Industrial Relations Management, Master of Education, Master of Arts in Education, Master of Educational Management, Master of Language Education, Master of Computer Application, Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Master of Arts, Master of Arts, Master of Educational Arts, Master of Arts in Educational Behavioral Science and other majors.

Can I buy a fake  De La Salle University degree online? 

The tuition fee of De La Salle University is more expensive than that of ordinary schools. The tuition fee of the undergraduate course is 80% higher than that of ordinary schools, and the tuition fee of master’s degree is 20% higher than that of ordinary schools. Basically, it is around 14,000 yuan. In order to provide opportunities for students to improve their English ability, the Language Center of De La Salle University specially arranges intensive short-term English training courses at different stages and courses according to the needs and abilities of students. Small class teaching enables teachers to provide necessary assistance to individual students , The focus of the class is to enable students to actively participate in the course and learn interactively with each other. Students can come to this center to strengthen their English skills before enrolling, laying a solid foundation for future formal studies. The Language Center of De La Salle University has arranged three different stages of English training according to the needs of students. Each stage has several courses, and each course is also divided into eight levels according to the students' English level. The class time for a single course is every day. Two hours lasts for three weeks, a total of 30 hours. Students can choose up to three courses each month and take classes in grades after being evaluated by the language center for their English proficiency level.

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