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Where to get Fake Cambridge GCE A Level certificate?

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A-level is the general certificate of education advanced level (GCE for short), A-level course and A-level. It is a college entrance examination course for British students, roughly equivalent to the level of senior three to senior one in China. A-level is the linking course after GCSE, and its score is equivalent to China's college entrance examination. British students can directly apply for university with A-level score. Generally speaking, if you want to apply to the local university through A-level score in the UK, you will generally pass the A-level test for two years; the first year: as test (as score accounts for about 40-50% of the total A-level score) uses as score to apply to the University, and the university will judge the total A-level score of the candidates based on the as score. Therefore, the university will have two decisions: 1. Whether to offer or not; 2. What specific admission conditions. Introduction to A-level school system the school system of A-level is 2 years, which is divided into two stages: the first year is called as level, and after passing the examination, you will obtain as examination results and as certificate. Students usually choose the four subjects they are best at and most interested in, which must include English and mathematics. Excellent students can choose multiple subjects. The second year is called A2 Level. Students can choose three excellent courses in as test scores to continue their studies, deepen their professional knowledge and improve their scores. A2 after passing the exam. Complete the course together with as level and obtain A-level certificate after passing the examination
The advantages of A-level courses although A-level originated from the British national curriculum system, students who have taken A-level courses have the same advantages when applying for American universities. The specific advantages are as follows: first, compared with the domestic high school curriculum system, A-level system has a higher international reputation, and applying for American universities with A-level scores has more advantages than the domestic high school scores. Second, the A-level system focuses on English teaching, fully penetrates critical rational thinking and emphasizes practical ability. Its connection with western university courses is far better than that of domestic high school courses. Third, the A-level system is completely compatible with the SAT of American universities in terms of language and thinking mode (while the compatibility of domestic high school curriculum and sat is very weak). Fourth: with A-level score, you can apply for transfer credits in American universities, and you can reduce credit courses for up to one year, saving time and money. The entrance standard of A-level course students' examination results and the A-level course they choose decide whether they can enter the ideal university and study the selected degree course to a great extent. A-level scores are divided into six grades: a *, a, B, C, D, e and U. a * is the best, e is the pass, and u is the fail. If the students are not satisfied with the results of a certain course, they can choose to retake the test, and the final result is subject to the best one. The requirements for A-level are different for different majors in different universities in the UK. Two course examination scores above D can reach the entrance standard of some ordinary universities. For the top 30 universities, students are required to achieve A-level score of more than B in three courses; for the universities with general academic knowledge but strong professional knowledge, they are also required to achieve A-level score of 3 A; for the world famous universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and IC, they are required to achieve a * - A in three courses.

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