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Application for master's degree in public university in France

French university diploma certification is a free and romantic country, to study in France is the dream of many students and the best overseas study base for working families.
Recently there are a lot of junior and senior students study in zhaolong consulting French study in graduate school, to this, the study abroad consultant told us, go to France to attend graduate school, the French public is generally a two-year university diploma. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Generally speaking, applying for postgraduate study requires the following conditions: bachelor degree or above (or 3 years of junior college graduate + working experience);
Choose French teaching major in domestic applicants are required to accept at least 500 hours of training, the French choose English major applicants need to issue in the period of validity of the toefl (550 or more) or ielts (6.0 or above).
[choice of route for master's application in French public universities]
According to the students' major and language situation, the students in the senior year have the following two choices:
1. Prep + professional courses
Domestic application for the French public university master's degree diploma certification, can not be directly into the course, students are generally with preparatory courses in one year, this year's preparation for the French and guide the professional curriculum (September - July of next year), through all the course of examination, can fall in the following year 9, into the professional course in October.
2. Language + specialized courses
Specified in the application of the French university language center completed 6 and 12 months of language courses, and then into the course, such application advantage after students complete language learning, can apply for university, pass the examination free choice of colleges and universities and professional.
[French public university master's application for postgraduate application]
1. Comprehensive public universities
Study abroad consultant told us, the French have altogether 87 comprehensive public university degree, 60% of engineers diplomas certificate, diploma of engineer is France's national diploma, Dr Can sign up to continue learning, the ministry of education approval for the master's degree in China.
2. College of engineers
Education, an engineer, belongs to France's unique elite education, which has a total of 250 engineering colleges, with an average of 111 students per school year.
Graduate school of engineers has a very high employment rate. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
(normal graduate programs only offer MASTER degrees in MASTER's degrees.)
The title "engineer" is protected by law in France and is a symbol of fame.
The diploma is awarded to less than 30,000 French people each year, not only in France, but also in the global context. The ministry of education of China is recognized as a master's degree.
3. Higher business schools and private universities
Grandes Ecoles, translated into English as the Grand School, British and American countries put it in the Top University level.
It includes colleges of higher business, senior engineers and high school of political diplomacy.
It is not regulated by the ministry of education of France, which has strict screening of students, charging tuition fees, and high-quality education.
Funded by local chamber of commerce and enterprises, it is the cradle of French higher business talent, senior engineer and senior government official

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