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Is it more cost-effective to cross provincial college entrance exams vs. study abroad vs. to have children in the United States?

In the past few years, a film about the theme of youth, has talked about the "American dream" and the "green card".
Chen xiaoxin, meng xiaozheng, even dongqing, they are insignificant among the many dreamers, who have experienced the struggle with the family, the love, the survival or the struggle with themselves.
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Perhaps, for us today, there is a simpler and more brutal way to deal with an American citizen.
Some people worry that it is too expensive for children to have children in the United States, and the average white-collar family can't afford it. Today, I will give you an economic account, and compare the costs of three kinds of children's training methods.
1. Let children sit the college entrance exam
Some parents want their children to go to college or a good university, and move their children's hukou to the provinces where the gaokao scores are lower.
Inner Mongolia, for example, is the epicenter of recent college entrance exams.
However, the clamor to check the immigration of the gaokao is increasing.
It is reported that the largest of the province's largest retreats of the college entrance exam is in 2015, a year in a year total retreats 1465 people.
Students who have been refunded are not allowed to go to college. They can only return to their original books for the next year.
So the ability of the young people began to set out to prepare hasn't come out of a child for a legitimate leave the identity of the ancestral home to attend the university entrance exam, his advantage by introducing talents in the university entrance exam of big cities.
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It will take about 30,000 to 40,000 parents to get a hukou in tianjin, and only the collector will be able to have a real estate that will benefit the child.
In the first half of 2017, tianjin ranked sixth in the national list with an average price of 22,584 yuan per square meter.
In other words, if you buy a 90-square-meter house, the full payment will take two million.
A down payment would cost hundreds of thousands of yuan, plus a few decades of mortgage payments.
For young people without a family background, the pressure is real.
Send your children to study abroad
Studying abroad seems to be a way for rich people to gilded their children.
When it comes to going out and gilded, the first choice is of course to show off the country -- the United States.
To study abroad in the United States, we will have an annual average of 300,000 to 500,000 RMB.
In four years, a modest house in tianjin has been lost, but it is not too hard to get a "returnee" status after returning to China.
3. Children in the us
Since studying abroad is so expensive, like the immigrants from the college entrance examination, parents can consider planning a more economical and competitive road for their children -- to have children in the United States!
To be a true American citizen, to enjoy all the rights of American citizens!
Children need American confined center, doctors, hospital expenses, round-trip airfare and * *, visa fees, economic comfort you gave birth to a citizen of the United States needs of thousands to tens of RMB 2.
Of course, if you have plenty of money, you can also get a feel for the moon center's ultra-high spec service and the hogwarts medical treatment of kobe's family.
For office workers, it might just be a slightly higher profile, with kids enjoying 13 years of American obligations.
Moreover, the cost of college tuition for U.S. citizens is only 10% of foreign students, and can apply for high scholarships and low-interest financial aid.
More importantly, there is a high probability that the country will spend heavily on the study of the university of pheasant, while local citizens are more likely to enter the ivy league.
Even if a child does not want to go to college in the United States, he wants to go back to school, and because of his foreign nationality, he doesn't need to take the national college entrance exam. He can go to a famous university in China.
In this way, children's education costs are more economical and more valuable than they are at home.
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