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ACCA certificate
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1. After passing the first three examinations and completing the foundations in professional, the system will generate the ACCA business accounting & business certificate
2. After passing the first nine examinations and completing the professional ethics module, the system will generate the advanced division in Accounting & business
3. Upon completion of all p-stage examinations, professional stage completion certification will be generated

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❖ supplementary notes:
If some subjects are exempt from the examination, at least one of ab-fa will have a business accounting certificate if it has passed the examination; at least two of lw-fm must have passed the examination to qualify for the advanced business accounting certificate.
❖ how to obtain these certificates?
4. ACCA membership certificate
After completing the three e-examinations, ethics and practical experience (3 years of relevant work experience) that must be experienced to become a member of ACCA, you can apply to become a member of ACCA (only ACCA members can be allowed to use Chartered Certified Accountants The title of accountant, and the title of ACCA can be used on the personal business card.) , get ACCA membership certificate, open a new chapter in your life.
❖ how to apply?
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5. ACCA senior member certificate
After becoming a member of ACCA, each member needs to pay the annual membership fee on time every year and complete and submit the required cpd hours every year according to the relevant requirements. After five consecutive years, he will automatically become a senior member of ACCA (FCCA), obtain the certificate of senior member of ACCA and use the title of senior Chartered Certified accountant.
❖ how to apply?

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