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Get the green card will be the world tax? Maybe you misunderstood the United States

One of the misunderstandings:
Once the US green card is obtained, the United States will tax the global assets of the person who receives the green card (including China). This understanding is completely wrong.
We need to understand the difference between assets and income. Assets are the wealth you have acquired from the past to the present, and your income is your investment income or salary, bonus and commission. The US global tax policy is aimed at personal income, not personal assets.
For example, assume that you have 20 million yuan in the country's real estate rental, the annual rent of 2 million yuan. Once you get a US green card, the IRS will not ask you to pay taxes for 20 million yuan of real estate, but will only tax your rental income of 2 million yuan. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Misunderstand two:
Once the US green card, all the domestic income to pay the US tax.
The United States has nearly $ 90,000 in annual allowances for people earning income from overseas. For example, if both couples take a green card and earn $ 100,000 a year from China each year, then if they are taxed separately, the allowance of $ 90,000 will be deducted, and only $ 10,000 per person per year will be paid Tax return.
And this million dollars, if the tax has been paid in China, or if there is any business expenses in the United States, or can enjoy the deduction, so after the deduction, it is estimated that each person only need to pay 1000-2000 US dollars per year The tax is enough. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Misunderstanding 3:
Once the US green card, green card holders of Chinese companies also need to pay US tax. This is a completely wrong understanding.
US global taxation is for individual holders of green card holders. If the green card holder owns the shares of the Chinese company, the profits generated by the Chinese company are not distributed to the green card holder in the form of dividends, and the green card holder does not need to pay the US tax for the Chinese company it owns.
For example, if a Chinese company owned by a green card holder earns 10 million yuan a year, but the green card holder does not get the company's dividend as a shareholder, it does not need to pay US profits for the 10 million yuan of Chinese companies The
Misunderstand four
US tax bureau tax is very strict, once found, there is a prison disaster. This is a misunderstanding.
The US Department of Taxation has a tax-related problem, and the number of annual inspections is only 1% of the total tax returns.
According to the information disclosed, the US Treasury taxation focus on high-income groups, that is, tax returns in the annual population of 50-100 million dollars or more. Because the US tax bureau to check a tax, the cost of manpower and resources is estimated that there are tens of thousands of dollars, and once found less pay taxes, in most cases can only require taxpayers to pay the amount of tax Of interest (usually 10% of the interest), if not sure from the tax check out tens of thousands of tax evasion, it really is worth the candle. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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