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ielts certificate
IELTS adopts a 9-point scoring system to accurately reflect the language level of candidates. buy fake  IELTS certificate,  Each IELTS score has a corresponding description of language ability. fake IELTS result maker for fun, buy IELTS certificate online without exam,  IELTS certificate online, There is no passing score in IELTS. The test scores will be recorded on the report card, including a total score, and four individual scores of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Your test scores are 1-9, and the four items are scored independently. The total scores are the average of the four items. Half of the total score and four individual scores are allowed. fake IELTS certificate pdf.
Just now, the official website of IELTS has finally resumed its application!
For the areas affected by the epidemic,  IELTS certificate without exam in UK, the number of times of registration will be increased after the resumption of the examination, and double the number of IELTS paper and pencil examination places will be provided!
At the same time, the number of IELTS machine tests will be increased to three times a day, seven days a week;
Will use a larger examination venue for paper examiners;
In addition, for the small partners who take the oral test, fake ielts certificate canada, they will also be more flexible in using the oral test personnel from all over the world to ensure that the candidates can complete the oral test as soon as possible.
Recently, affected by the epidemic, many small partners were unable to take IELTS test. The 2020 application season is coming to an end, and the 2021 application season has entered the preparation stage! I have to say that the children of 2020 are really miserable.
IELTS scores are valid for 2 years.

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