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Fake IELTS Certificate, Selling Fake IELTS Certificate Online,

Fake IELTS certificate sample

Fake IELTS Certificate, Selling Fake IELTS Certificate Online,
The three types of IELTS are:
That is what we usually call IELTS, which is classified into A and G. Class A is IELTS. Most of the students who go to Britain for undergraduate and master's degree have special contact with IELTS, buy Fake IELTS Certificate.
Class G is the training IELTS. The people who take the IELTS are usually immigrants who go to work in the UK or take training and non-diploma courses.
Since April 2015, the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has implemented a new policy on the English Language Examination for Visa Safety.
IELTS for UK visa and immigration is an IELTS test offered by the UK Visa and Immigration Bureau for specific types of UK visa applications. The content of IELTS for UKVI is the same as IELTS, which is a little more expensive. 
3. IELTS (Life Skills)
The third IELTS test is the IELTS life skills test. This is mainly for technicians who want to emigrate to Britain or local tyrants who want to invest in Britain. The exam form is very simple. It only examines spoken English and listening ability.
Generally speaking, the content, form, difficulty level, examiners and scoring criteria of UKVI are the same as those of IELTS. In addition to the appearance of the exam transcripts, there are also more complicated processes before the exam.
If you don't know whether you choose IELTS or UKVI, please look down. buy fake degree, buy degree certificate.
(1) If a student meets the language requirement of unconditional admission, he or she will go to the UK for undergraduate, master's and doctoral courses directly. The UK institutions that he or she attends have the status of "highly credible guarantor", and only need to submit the required proof of English language proficiency, including IELTS scores.
If it is IELTS scores, the IELTS points in China are recognized, and the general "IELTS" academic category is chosen.
(2) If students go to the UK for non-degree courses, such as: collocated language courses, undergraduate preparatory courses, freshman Diploma courses, master's preparatory courses, etc., they must comply with the new UKVI regulations. Students must take the IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration test at authorized places. The purpose of the examination must also be clearly defined at the time of registration.
Fake IELTS Certificate, Selling Fake IELTS Certificate Online.

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