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American University Diploma in Law Enrollment Requirements

GPA: for general applicants, undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above, and for the top 10 of the law school, GPA3.3 is indispensable. The number one cause of Yale university diploma (foreign) undergraduate students May 3.80 -- 3.95 GPA; Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In the second place, the average undergraduate of Stanford university has a GPA of 3.65 to 3.90.
2. TOEFL: for Chinese applicants need to take TOEFL and LSAT examination, TOEFL score of at least 100 points (IBT). Actually has been America's top 10 Chinese students of law school admission, TOEFL scores mostly in more than 110 points.
3. LSAT: LSAT scores is the key to admission, because law requires experience, so to identify the applicant can only see GPA and LSAT scores. Since undergraduate GPA countries and schools with somewhat, LSAT as a unified exam into performance is particularly important. Law school LSAT scores required basic bottom line is 150 points, for the TOP 10 more than the average score of 165 points of the law school. And China's success into the TOP 10 law school applicants, mostly in the more than 170 points. The law school admissions needs both professional knowledge background of law, also need a law or other aspects of work experience. If your LSAT scores is not very ideal, then you must put your energy, ambition, sound judgment and high ideals perfectly show in your application essays. The LSAT is an extremely important hard Numbers. To YALE law school, 2009 students of a university level 2008 technical physics graduates. Of course, also have certain effect to have some working experience. 2009 YALE law school admission of a Chinese student who works in a bank.
4. Education diploma (abroad) : to the requirement of degree, a bachelor's degree is the most basic, high degree is required, but sometimes can play a role. 2007 admitted to HARVARD law school Many applicants have advanced degrees, including a YALE society Ph. D..Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
5. Letters of recommendation: two (to be able to comment on your academic and professional work, i.e. your professor and company superior).
6. Financial aid: most without the full prize, and there are no outstanding achievement for scholarship, scholarship is a need for standard (need - -based). Chinese students can apply for to such scholarship, but should be enough to cover all the costs, can apply for a loan. Such as YALE law school scholarship up to $10000, less than can apply for a loan.
7. Interview: most schools need to Chinese students interview, but if there are conditions, it is a good chance of your own. A few schools began to send someone in China Beijing, Shanghai interview, some schools require a phone interview, also some schools and request, such as Berkley.
8. Work experience: requirements and experience will have a bad effect. The language of Berkley's work experience is: We do not penalize such applicants.
9. Admission notice date: most of the time between February and early may.
10. Deferred admission: most law school encourages, but there are plenty of exceptions that can be allowed under special circumstances.
11. Be Degree: most of the college has, but need to apply for respectively, the most common Joint Degree MBA/JD, MS/JD. And you can apply for other schools in the same city at the same time the JD, such as the MIT Computer Master also apply to read the JD of HARVARD law school.
How do you transfer to American law school
After the first to learn, you can turn into a good school of law. And the transfer success or not depends on you first learn great academic achievements and professional performance, so you have to win at least ranked among the top 10, some schools require class top five will accept your transfer request. Whether or not transfer, top in the class is law school students have to fighting for. Don't forget to top the list of achievements will attract the attention of the employer. Note: JD - Juris Doctorate (j.d.)Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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