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Studying abroad, "wandering" life urges people to struggle

In many people's imagination, the distance over 9,000 meters is a space of great freedom.
Zhang gao will jump to the domestic employment pressure, fleeing bound spell hammering a wooden bridge in the heroic, away from parents together with high expectations of the line of sight, as they flew over the distance of the ocean, down the moment of the ladder, and feeling as if the birds out of the cage can breathe.
Overseas students, a growing number of people, are not far away from the world. Perhaps it is the foreign education background, which is more important, and more diversified knowledge.
There are also many people searching for a free space, a psychological self-discovery or redemption.
Diploma students to deal with group, of course, can not be simply, its age structure, personal background and growth environment largely refine this group, each student's mentality, behavior and life motives have similarities and differences.
And the author as a member of the new students, also as a has a bachelor's degree in domestic with relevant experience abroad, with a similar background and experience of foreign students in the process of communication, often get some feelings.
That is to choose to go abroad, or to study for, or to be an identity, a broader sky to be able to do a lot of work;
Or to fulfill the promise of practice, to heal the wishes of the family;
Or to plan for the long term, to stay away from home for a while.
In the same way, everyone is determined but confused at the time of arrival.
Abandon all that once, in a strange country empty ambition, empty have the determination, empty have unwilling to look back resolutely.
However, time has passed, but I feel like I am wandering, unable to settle, not wanting to stop, and still have a kind of responsibility to struggle.
The language of the toefl ibt, the empty emptiness of the world...
International students can have one hundred reasons not to choose Canada, but choice here, they can use one hundred reasons to persuade myself: good environment, relatively easy to get identity and the resulting benefits... Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The latter, plus the decisive weight, is a subconscious desire for freedom.
Theory only those international students in domestic higher education related experience, like the author after the college entrance examination, also once in graduate employment competition in the former, so we can better understand the hardship of choice and competition and cruel.
If left at home, some people deserve to be enviably outstanding, have relatively good job opportunity, relatively stable economy foundation, relatively comfortable living environment.
Because of this, there are so many relatively easy opportunities for success that make them seem at a loss.
Because of the constraints, but the feeling that there is an infinite number of ideas that need to be realized, because they are too far away, they are not willing to step in the existing space.
To read some of the college students, for example, there is no lack of domestic key colleges and universities graduates, A hand holding A certificate of no less than five professional class, B give up A first-class colleges and schools of research opportunities, C A resigned as fresh graduate is earning ten thousand yuan of jobs, they choose is such A cannot be determine to study abroad.
Put down to read a bachelor's degree diploma, give up the professional skills to convert professional direction to make a living, because the communication on the unfamiliar, even had to choose language courses, but learning is the most basic words and sentences structure, who are afraid to concede what to do.
They choose to go abroad in order to realize the new self-space, in order to the unfettered living condition.
And the truth is, they have to become a homeless man who is out of the mainstream, even if he can't find a real safe place in the city, how can they make those dreams come true?
To be sure, choosing to study abroad is not a moment of pique, compared with life at home, now they have reason to lose, wander, and have no dependence.
No better than those of young students, have the entering society they find it hard to have power and courage to again, if you hold off their stubborn, only choose cash when'll come early to work, under dual test on body and heart, this kind of freedom is a bit heavy.
A moment don't have to scrutinize such as "a body to know when they are" sweat, can also understand when they walk in the established track, in the face of a natural career, will feel less fight the depression. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The comfortable life that once had, because the ease becomes dull, and because the boring blurred the dream, killed the energy.
If we do not make the birds of the cage and choose to move away from home, there will be more room for more space, and a wider world for the future to prove.
However, such a process must be hard, confused and unknown;
Not everyone has the courage to start from scratch, and not everyone has the luck to be successful again.
It is difficult to say whether we are studying abroad or wandering, but the experience of drifting has its unique value and appeal to urge people to fight and go into the country.
Then, start by being a stranger in a foreign country, forget all the honor and pride that you have, and return to the road of study and career, and strive to get on the right track.
This is the life that can be seen in a short time, and then go back to life.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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